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We’ll show you what life as an international commercial lawyer is like, and what sets us apart from other firms, so you can make a confident decision on whether to apply for a vacation scheme or training contract. You’ll also meet trainees, associates and partners, and learn about improving your application from our graduate recruitment team. We’ll also pay your travel expenses to the office, and for accommodation if you need it. 

Final year non-law workshop 

You’ll spend a day in our London-based office developing your business understanding ahead of applying for a training contract. The sessions are designed to demystify what it means to be a commercial lawyer and demonstrate how our application process works in order to put you in good stead for approaching the training contract selection process.

Key Requirements

  • In order to be eligible for this workshop you must be in your final year of a non-law degree.
  • The workshop takes place on 11 December 2018, you must be available on this date from 9am – 6pm.