Summer Scheme (2019)

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  • Bristol, Exeter

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Trainee Solicitor - 2019 Summer Scheme

We’re looking for exceptional candidates who will be an asset to our firm, but we also know that we need to impress the best candidates. 

To see if we’re right for each other, you can attend our Summer Scheme, which provides a real insight into life with Ashfords.

During the Summer Scheme you will spend a week at either our Exeter or Bristol office working in two departments, getting to grips with some challenging yet rewarding tasks. You’ll also spend time with our current trainees, getting first-hand knowledge of what it’s like to be a trainee with us. 

For those applicants who attend the Summer Scheme, the Assessment Centre takes place on the final day. 

Trainee Solicitor (assessment centre)

For those who want to apply directly for a training contract without attending the summer scheme, there is the assessment centre option.  

The Assessment Centre consists of three main elements: 

·       Written exercise

·      1-2-1 roleplay

·       Partner interview

Key Dates for 2021 Training Contracts:

2 November 2018

Application form available on our website: 

30 April 2019

Deadline for summer scheme applications

June 2019

Bristol and Exeter summer schemes  (including Assessment Centres)  

  • 3 - 7 June (Exeter)
  • 10 - 14 June (Exeter)
  • 17 - 21 June (Bristol)

July 2019

Assessment Centres

  • 2 July (Bristol)
  • 4 July (Exeter)