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Why choose Freshfields?

Do you want to tackle the most interesting legal work around? And come up with advice that makes sound commercial sense? If you do, we could be the right choice for you.

We’re an international law firm that supports clients wherever in the world they do business. Because we advise some of the world's largest companies on how to grow, strengthen and defend their operations, we can offer you some of the best and most challenging work there is.

You'll help big businesses achieve their goals – from advising them on mergers and acquisitions to sorting out their disputes and commercial challenges. If you’re keen to find solutions that work in the real world – not just ones that reflect what's right or wrong in law – we want to hear from you.

Who are we looking for?

We’re looking for up to 80 people to start training with us in London in 2022, split between two intakes in February and August. Trainees are vital to our future, because today's trainees are where most of tomorrow's associates and partners will come from.

It doesn't matter what your background is, which university you went to or the degree you studied. What does matter is that you have intellectual talent, excellent written and spoken English, and that you work well with other people.

As a trainee, you’re likely to work in a team – usually with an associate and a partner. It’s the team’s job to work out how we can help clients achieve what they want to do. Is it possible? What’s the best way to structure the deal or tackle the problem? What are the risks? 

You and your team will need to come up with solutions that answer those questions in a way that makes commercial sense. We’ll show you how.

The work you'll do with us will nearly always be complicated, so to do well you'll need to enjoy being challenged.

8 seat training contract

Our market-leading training contract offers you a wide breadth of experience across our many areas of law. All trainees see at least one seat in dispute resolution and at least two seats in global transactions (across corporate, finance and real estate). You can choose other seats in antitrust, competition and trade; people and reward; and tax.


Don’t worry, we don’t expect you to know what type of law you want to specialise in – not many people do at this stage. Instead, we think your training should be all about trying different things. You might choose several specialist teams that interest you, or return to a seat you want to qualify into. You’ll be able to return to larger practice groups as well.

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