• Do law firms pay for the GDL?Helena Kudiabor

    If you are interested in becoming a lawyer but did not study law at undergraduate level, you will probably be aware that you have to take the GDL in order to qualify. You will probably also be aware that most courses cost over £10,000, not including additional expenses such as living costs and the LPC. However, many law firms offer to sponsor your GDL providing you meet certain conditions:

  • Funding the BPTCBecky Kells

    The BPTC is essential for aspiring barristers—but it's also expensive. Here are your funding options.

  • Funding the GDLJos Weale

    The GDL doesn't come cheap—nor is it eligible for the Student Finance graduate loan. So, where exactly are you supposed to get the money from? Fear not—we'll talk you through it. 

  • Funding the LPCLauren Bowes

    Unlike your undergraduate degree, the government doesn't have a loan system in place to hand money to you on a plate. You're probably already well aware that law study doesn't come cheap, but there are a lot of options out there.

  • The LPC: worth the investment?Sarah Green

    There is no doubt that the LPC is hard work. As the mandatory vocational course which you will need to complete before you can start a training contract, it’s going to take a lot of dedication. But is it really worth spending all that money?

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