Distance Learning

Distance learning is rapidly becoming a much more viable option for people across the UK and beyond, with the chance to do a Law degree without attending university being preferable to commiting to a full-or-part-time course. Training providers and universities are recognising the appeal, and Distance Learning courses are now available from a variety of these providers.

As a distance learner undertaking a degree in law, you have a number of specific options to choose from. The course duration is more flexible than at a university, and a distance learning degree can take you anything from three to six years.

This mode of study is a great option if you’re already employed or have a family, and want to study for a law degree alongside your current commitments. It’s the perfect route into law for the currently-busy individual!

You can study for a distance learning degree from literally anywhere in the world, provided that you have internet access. Once exam time comes, you may have to visit an assessment centre - your course provider will have more information on this, but they are usually located in a variety of places nationally and internationally. You may have the option to attend revision sessions, group study sessions and lectures in person, but the distance learning format is designed so that if this isn’t convenient, it’s not a requirement as with other courses.

You can study for a variety of law degrees using the distance learning study method: the LLB, the LLM, as well as a variety of joint honours courses that combine law with another discipline.

Convinced that distance learning is right for you? Time to do some more research, then! Have a browse of our dedicated distance learning advice section below.

Distance Learning courses