LLM - Shipping Law




Around 90% of global trade is carried by sea. It remains the most cost efficient method for transporting raw materials and finished products around the world. This requires a complex network of contracts involving ship owners and operators, cargo owners, banks and insurers.

The United Kingdom has a long standing expertise in the law relating to these transactions, and provides dispute resolution services for parties with no connection to the UK. Moreover, the potential exploitation of marine resources (whether mineral or fish) is fertile source of dispute between States.

This programme offers a detailed investigation of the theoretical and practical issues that arise within maritime law. Our LLM in Shipping Law can help you to develop the expertise necessary to become a specialist in this major area of commercial law.


·         International Sales Law

·         Carriage of Goods by Land, Sea and Air

·         Marine Insurance

·         International Commercial Maritime Law

·         Law of the Sea

Information on fees and funding is to be confirmed.

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Upon successfully completing the LLM programme you may have the opportunity to continue your legal study through the School’s PhD programme or through the Centre for Professional Legal Studies professional programmes (the Legal Practice Course or Bar Professional Training Course). 

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