Graduate Entry LLB (GELLB)




As a non-law graduate, this fast-track senior status law degree will enable you to achieve an LLB law degree in just two years rather than the usual three.

If you intend to practice in law in the UK, the GE LLB Programme offers you the possibility of obtaining exemption from the academic stage of training over two years instead of the one year Graduate Diploma. Not only does this give you the chance to take electives in legal subjects, but also gives you the chance to acquire work experience in the summer vacation.

The Graduate Entry LLB enables you to:


  • Gain skills and knowledge in the core legal subjects

  • Achieve an LLB law degree in just two years rather than the usual three

  • Learning about specialist areas of law

  • Participate in mooting competitions (optional) to further strengthen your legal and debating skills

  • Progress, on completion of the degree, to one of the two professional courses all UK lawyers are required to take: the Legal Practice Course (LPC) for solicitors and the Bar Vocational Studies (BVS) for barristers

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The course attracts many international students, particularly Canadians who, once they graduate, are well on the way to satisfying the Canadian NCA requirements.


Applications are welcome from international students.

100% of graduates in employment or further study six months after completing the course

Most students graduating from the programme take the next steps towards qualification as a practising lawyer. In the UK, that entails taking either the Legal Practice Course to qualify as a solicitor or taking the Bar Vocational Studies to become a barrister.

If you intend to practice in Canada, you will be required to take the examinations set by the National Committee on Accreditation to obtain a Certificate of Qualification.

Some students will enrol for an LLM programme, normally at an institution in the UK, and in the past students graduating from the programme have taken LLMs at the Universities of Oxford, Cambridge, UCL, KCL and LSE.

Students have also taken LLM programmes in Canada, which will also satisfy the requirements of the NCA. In the past, a few students have taken an LLM in the US in order to be eligible to take the New York Bar examinations.

Students who have not wished to practise have entered careers in financial services, banking, with NGOs and in the civil service.

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