Sep 16, 2020

Written By Raphael Jucobin

Which areas of law can I specialise in on the LLM?

Sep 16, 2020

Written By Raphael Jucobin

The LLM - Master of Laws - allows you to pick out an area of law that you’ve previously studied and take your research into it even further. You can specialise in a range of areas, each bolstering your credentials whether you intend to move into legal academia later on or take the qualifying route afterwards. The international recognition that the qualification has means it can also open new doors to opportunities abroad.

You should bear in mind that the list of areas in which an LLM can be taken differs between each individual institution, as do the entry requirements. This is especially true as the LLM is offered at universities across the country, as well as in colleges in the US and elsewhere in the world.

For example, The University of Law offers the following LLM courses from this academic year:

- Company Law,

- Corporate Governance,

- International Arbitration,

- International Human Rights,

- Master of Law (General or International),

- Mediation or Alternative Dispute Resolution,

- Medical Law and Ethics.

- Mental Health Law

What’s more, these courses can be taken either as on-site programmes or online. The programmes are accessible to both law and non-law graduates, and allow you to be taught by experts in the field and focus on both legal theory and practice.

The university will also introduce new courses in other specialisations over the coming year, allowing you to delve deeper into new aspects of law that you’ll have touched upon in your LLB, such as:

- Executive LLM,

- Compliance and Regulation,

- Data Protection and Intellectual Property,

- Environmental Law,

- Finance Law,

- Insurance Law,

- International Energy Law.

Other areas of law that you might find on offer at various UK universities could include Maritime Law, European Law, or Professional Advocacy.

Ultimately, whatever the aspect of legal practice that you’re interested in exploring further, there’s likely to be an LLM course tailored to it.