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The Government Legal Profession FAQs

Below are answers to some commonly asked questions. 

Are there any requirements to ensure my course fees are paid?

There is no requirement for which law school you attend or which electives you undertake. However, the firm will not reimburse you if you have completed the LPC or BTC or have already started it.

Will I be kept on as a trainee?

The firm aims to offer all legal trainees a permanent position once they’ve finished their training, but this can not be guaranteed.

Why do the salaries vary?

It depends on which department you are in and where you are geographically.

Can I receive adjustments during the application process if I have a disability?

If you are a disabled person as defined by the Equality Act 2010, you must notify the Recruitment Team in the application form, and include any reasonable adjustments you will need. Any information you provide will be treated with the strictest confidence, and will be withheld from those involved in the decision making process. 

How can I prepare for the assessment process?

You can prepare by looking at the example questions on the Government Legal Profession website, and by taking free online assessments on the AssessmentDay and Test Partnership websites. Links can be found here.