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Gateley FAQs

Below are the answers to the questions frequently asked by aspiring solicitors looking to apply to Gateley. 

How many training contracts are offered annually?

The firm tends to offer 28 training contracts across all of its offices, but this is subject to change.

Is there a preferred law school?

Gateley prefers its trainees to study at the University of Law, although the company is willing to accept different law schools if candidates have commenced their studies prior to their training contract offer.

Are there opportunities for client secondments?

Yes, this option is available during your third or final seat.

Can I still apply if I don’t get a 2:1 degree?

The firm looks at applications as a whole, and will consider all university degree grades if you have shown strength in other areas. There is also space on the application form to include mitigating circumstances. 

Does the firm choose my LPC electives?

All future trainees should undertake the LPC ‘Mergers and Acquisitions elective, but the rest is up to you. Gateley only asks that you choose electives in-keeping with the firm’s practice areas, and ones that you’ll enjoy.