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Freshfields Application process

Find out each of the key steps in the Freshfields application process. 

Stage one

If you are interested in a career with Freshfields, you can apply directly for a training contract or for a vacation scheme.

The first step is to complete an application form. This asks you to write a personal statement of up to 850 words about why you are interested in commercial law, the firm itself and why you should be considered for the opportunity. You should also include what you’re involved in: clubs at university, any part-time jobs or work experience and even your hobbies.

Stage two

The next stage is to complete the Watson Glaser test. It’s a psychometric test that aims to assess your critical thinking skills, which are vital for a successful career as a lawyer. You can prepare by using practice tests online.

Stage three

The final stage is a half day assessment, which is made up of a written exercise and two interviews. The first will ask you to read a press article and answer questions about it, and the second will just be a general discussion with two senior lawyers. Both interviews are conducted CV blind, so the lawyers won’t know your grades or the school you went to. For the press article interview, the only thing the interviewers will know about you is your name.