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Fieldfisher Application Process

From the application form and CAPP test to the telephone interview and assessment centre, we'll talk you through each step of the Fieldfisher application process. 

Stage one

The first step of the application process for a training contract is to complete an online application form. You will be required to upload your CV using a CV template given by the firm. There will also be questions about what attracts you to Fieldfisher and what personal qualities you can bring to the firm. 

Stage two

The next stage is a CAPP test, which is an online assessment aimed at measuring skills like drive, collaboration, judgement and networking. It puts you in scenarios that you would face as a Fieldfisher trainee and asks you how you would respond.

Stage three

 After this, there is a 30-minute phone interview, a day at an assessment centre and then finally a partner interview.


Applications are assessed on a rolling basis so you should aim to apply as quickly as possible. Fieldfisher asks that aside from academic abilities, applicants are ambitious, innovative, naturally inquisitive and commercially-minded.

Once you have been accepted for a training contract, the firm will keep in touch with you until your start date. There are a variety of different events that future trainees get involved in, such as social events, insight talks and fundraising opportunities.