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Bryan Cave Leighton Paisner Application Process

Find out how BCLP approaches its application process, step-by-step.

Stage one

If you are interested in a career at BCLP, you can apply directly for a training contract or for a vacation scheme. The first step is to complete an online application form, which asks you questions about why you want to work at the firm, what skills you have that make you a good lawyer and questions that assess your commercial awareness.

Stage two

The next step is to complete an online test, which is specific to BCLP and based on the skills that solicitors need. You won’t be able to prepare for it as it’s scenario-based and specific to the firm, but you should take your time and reflect on the questions while completing the test. 

Stage three

Successful candidates will then have an interview with the graduate recruitment team.

Stage four

The penultimate stage is an assessment centre, which will involve a case study and presentation exercise. You’ll have 90 minutes to create a 10-minute presentation based on a candidate brief given to you, then a Q&A session based on your answers. There will then be a group negotiation task where you’ll act on behalf of a client to negotiate terms. The interview will involve questions discussing your career motivation and commercial awareness. 

Stage five

The final stage is a partner interview which will take place on the day of the assessment centre if you’re applying for a training contract, or during the vacation scheme if you completed one.