SQE2 Coaching

Our SQE2 Coaching is specifically designed to prepare you for the SQE2 assessment and typically takes around six weeks.

  • An intensive revision course, for the SQE2 assessment
  • Extensive practice of SQE2-style tasks
  • Live workshops focus on your development areas
  • Personalised feedback focuses your revision efforts

You will initially be given access to a full range of online resources that provide detailed explanation and analysis of the SQE2 assessment tasks and criteria, undertaking reflective exercises – with written and video examples – to demonstrate the best techniques and pitfalls to avoid in the assessment.

Following this, your written and oral skills will be assessed and you will then participate in a series of masterclasses where subject matter expert tutors will steer your revision efforts – and guide you through the practical workings of the SRA’s assessment specifications and marking criteria for each of the SQE2 skills.

You will conduct mock assessments from which you will receive a further personalised feedback report, together with a personal development plan, that gives guidance on how to consolidate your learning and informs your study preparation for the SQE2 assessment.


2022/2023 academic year 

Online: £2,500 

London Holborn: £3,000 - coming soon 

Birmingham: £2,500 - coming soon

Bristol: £2,500 - coming soon

Cambridge: £2,500 - coming soon

Leeds: £2,500 - coming soon

Manchester: £2,500 - coming soon


  • Online

Study options

  • Full-time
  • Part-time
  • Distance Learning