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Allen & Overy offers outstanding training contract and vacation scheme opportunities. Find out all about them here.

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Training Contract

A training contract with Allen & Overy is the beginning of a highly rewarding legal career. During your training contract, you’ll complete four six-month seats, with the firm’s dedicated HR team for trainees supporting you with your seat choices. Trainees are encouraged to express their preferences for seats. Allen & Overy’s core transactional areas are Banking, Corporate (which includes Pensions), and International Capital Markets, so you’re guaranteed to spend at least two of your seats in these areas. There’s also the chance to do an international or client secondment. 

Trainees also have the opportunity to gain contentious experience by completing a seat in the firm’s litigation department, or by completing a litigation course and gaining experience via legal advice clinics. This allows trainees to gain practical experience, and provide invaluable pro bono assistance. 

Allen & Overy has been praised by past trainees for the comprehensive, award-winning training. During each seat, you’ll sit alongside a partner or associate, who will provide you with expert guidance, giving you the confidence to take on real responsibility. All trainees receive regular departmental training, as well as client seminars delivered by the firm’s partners and associates, to further develop your legal skills. 

You won’t just learn practical skills like drafting and research during your training contract. You’ll learn professional conduct as well, such as negotiation and communication skills. There’ll also be wider skills training, and a range of seminars and talks on issues such as mental health and wellbeing, and diversity and inclusion. 

Vacation Scheme

Allen & Overy’s vacation scheme is the perfect way to decide if the firm is right for you. The firm offers two vacation schemes, one in the Winter and one in the Summer. Candidates gain real life legal experience, working alongside senior lawyers on live cases. There’s also numerous events and presentations to attend, which allow you to develop your professional skills and learn more about the firm as a whole. 

When you’re not working, you’ll be socialising with the firm’s graduate recruitment team, lawyers, partners as well as the other students on the scheme, allowing you to widen your network and learn about Allen & Overy’s culture. All candidates are paid £450 a week, and will be considered for a training contract at the end of the scheme.