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Allen & Overy FAQs

If you have any questions about Allen & Overy, you're in the right place! You'll find the answers here.

Are there any opportunities for first year students?

A&O First is the firm’s work experience programme, specifically aimed at first year students. During the programme, you’ll attend workshops that will immerse you in the firm, receive support from a trainee buddy and gain access to Allen & Overy’s graduate recruitment team for guidance. You’ll even gain the opportunity to be fast-tracked to interview for a vacation scheme or training contract. 

Will I receive compensation for doing well in my studies?

If you achieve a first class degree and/or a distinction in the LPC and a distinction in both business LPC modules, you’ll receive a £500 prize. SQE awards will be determined once further information is available about the exams. 

How are Allen & Overy dealing with the introduction of the SQE?

The firm is going to switch from the LPC route to the SQE route in September 2024. If you join them anytime before March 2024, you’ll train via the LPC route and won’t sit the SQE assessments. However, if you join the firm anytime after September 2024, you’ll train via the SQE route, and will sit the BPP SQE preparation course the year before you start. 

How many trainees are recruited annually?

The firm recruits around 80 trainees a year, over their two intakes in March and September. This means you’ll be working with around 40 trainees. 

Does the firm provide adjustments for those with disabilities?

Allen & Overy can provide various adjustments for those with disabilities, to ensure that all applicants can perform at their best. Past adjustments include: providing extra time, scheduling an interview for a specific time, and ensuring step-free access.