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Training Contract 2019

Dechert LLP

Salary: £44,000

Deadline: 30/06/2017

Show locations

  • London

A training contract with Dechert enables you to launch your career working on some of the most exciting national and international legal matters across a wide range of practice areas, in an environment where people know your name and treat you as an individual. We can help you tailor your training contract ─ whether you're enjoying a seat and want to repeat it to get to know that practice area better, or whether you want to get the broadest possible experience across a range of practice areas.

Our six-seat system means that no two trainees have the same experience. We offer seats in Corporate and Securities, Litigation (including International Dispute Resolution, White Collar and Securities and Employment), Finance, Financial Services, Intellectual Property, Real Estate and Tax. We also offer both International and client secondments.

We recruit around 12 trainee solicitors each year. Our trainees start work in September. We have recruited and continue to recruit excellent trainees from all academic backgrounds. Thirty percent of our current trainees are non-law graduates.

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